450 kg meteorite fell in Texas, America, incident recorded on camera


Science News Desk – A meteorite passing through space had entered the Earth’s atmosphere on 15 February. Soon after, the meteorite turned into a ball of fire. Many people claimed to have seen that meteorite in Texas, USA. Now a video has surfaced. The video is being shared with the claim that the meteorite incident was captured on the doorbell camera of a house in Texas. This incident was not captured accurately, but the loud sound that came after the fall of the meteorite was recorded in the camera.

The American space agency NASA has also informed about this. A meteorite is said to have turned into a ball of fire as soon as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere. Around 6:00 pm on February 15, the meteorite crashed near McAllen, Texas. NASA has come to know from the data study that some pieces of the meteorite had fallen on the surface of the Earth. McAllen’s police and other agencies received several calls on the day the incident occurred, according to reports.

People had informed the police after hearing the loud explosion. Local media had also reported the matter that the meteorite was seen passing over two airports as well. The American Meteor Society has recovered evidence related to the incident. NASA has told that it was not a small rock. The weight of the meteorite was about 453 kg. About 33 kilometers above the surface of the earth, that meteorite broke into several pieces. According to NASA, the speed of the meteor was about 43000 kilometers per hour and it had the energy of about 8 tonnes of TNT (Trinitrotoluene).

On this whole issue, NASA has said that the meteorite seen in McAllen’s sky reminds the US space agency and other organizations that there is a need to act fast to protect the Earth. This incident was also discussed on social media. Videos recorded in doorbell cameras were also shared rapidly among the American people. Many people could not believe this incident. According to the report, most of the people did not seem worried about the incident.

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