A huge asteroid may hit the Earth on Valentine’s Day in the year 2046, NASA in tension, monitoring started


Science News Desk – The US space agency NASA is monitoring a recently discovered asteroid. It is feared that this asteroid may hit the earth in the year 2046. However, according to NASA, the possibility of its collision is ‘extremely low’. According to NASA, this asteroid can hit the Earth in the year 2046 on Valentine’s Day. According to data from the European Space Agency, there is a 1 in 625 chance that this asteroid could hit Earth.

At the same time, according to NASA’s estimate, there is a 1 in 560 chance that this asteroid will hit the Earth. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory monitors any threats from space. This sky rock has been named 2023 DW. It is the only object on NASA’s risk list. This asteroid is the size of an Olympic swimming pool. NASA said that the risk of collision of this asteroid is very less. NASA engineer David Farnocchia said, ‘This object is not particularly worrying.

According to CNN, it is common that when an asteroid is discovered, it is initially considered more dangerous. However, when this new asteroid is further analyzed, the risk of danger is reduced. There are 1448 asteroids in NASA’s risk list and the risk of 2023 DW is the highest. This asteroid is not going to come towards the earth for the next two decades. This asteroid is 160 feet. Asteroid 2023 DW is orbiting the Sun.

According to NASA, between the years 2047 and 2054, 9 more asteroids will come close to the Earth. This sky rock was first seen in space on 2 February. The asteroid is traveling at a speed of 25 km per second and is now at a distance of 18 million km from Earth. It is orbiting the Sun every 271 days. NASA recently successfully tested its Dart mission. Through this, she has now become successful in the technique of destroying an asteroid on the way.

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