After death, the soul becomes free from troubles, meets the dead relatives, gets peace


Science News Desk – In any village or town near you, there must be many stories of experiences of grandmother, grandfather or any elderly person coming back from death. You must have heard that after death he went to the upper world, where a person was keeping an account of his life’s deeds. Only then he was told that it is not time for him to die, he has to live some more life. These incidents are often narrated to us in the form of stories. Many times people are also seen making fun of those who tell such stories.

Perhaps researchers, doctors and scientists never took these incidents as a joke. They started working in this direction and reached different conclusions. British researcher Dr. Charles Bruce Grayson is one of such people. He interacted with many people who came back to life after death. Based on conversations with such people and their experiences, he wrote the book ‘After: A Doctor Explores What Near Death Experiences Reveal About Life and Beyond’. Dr. Bruce has made many such claims in the book, which you will be shocked to hear.

What happens during and after death?
According to Dr. Bruce, when a person is dying, he feels very comfortable and normal. According to him, people who have returned from near death claim that they felt free from all kinds of pain while dying. Many people saw that the soul was coming out of his body. Dr. Grayson claims that after death people can meet their deceased grandparents, great-grandmothers, great-grandmothers, or other relatives. Dr. Bruce Grayson names the whole phenomenon of survival after death as ‘Near Death Experience’. Please tell that Dr. Grayson has been working on this research for the last 50 years. Also says that his research will continue for a long time.

What is near death experience?
According to doctors, Near Death Experience is a special term of science. In this people become alive again after some time of death. Actually, many times doctors declare a person dead, but after some time he becomes alive and surprises everyone. A research report from the University of Virginia states that any type of stroke, sudden stoppage of brain function and heart attack are near-death experiences. Different people can have different experiences during Near Death Experience. Some people may also experience activities related to ghosts. Some people review their life’s work. Some people themselves decide to be alive again. At the same time, in some cases people did not feel like coming back, yet they were sent back.

Where do relatives meet after death?
Researcher Dr. Bruce Grayson said that people’s brains work very fast while dying. He felt that the soul was being pulled into a deep dark tunnel. He felt the light at the end of this dark cave. To this end, they visit their relatives who have died long ago. After meeting him, the dying person feels very peaceful. At the same time, nurse Julie McFadden also believes in all these things. According to him man should not be afraid of death. After death we meet our relatives again. Not only this, in that world we get a chance to meet our long dead pets and other souls. They claim that angels also meet after death.

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