Birth control pills made for men, this claim was made for the first dose


Science News Desk – Till now you must have seen that women take birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy. But scientists claim to have developed a very effective male contraceptive pill for men as well. It is being told that this contraceptive pill is completely safe and effective. Now even men can take the contraceptive pill every day.

A report in Nature Communications claimed that taking this pill 30 minutes before sex can prevent pregnancy for at least two hours. Study co-authors Dr. Jochen Buck and Dr. Lonnie Levin believe their discovery is a game changer. Both say that before this, for hundreds of years, there were only two options for men, either use male condoms or get sterilized. But research on contraception for men never really took off.

Both say that this pill was also necessary because men cannot afford the risks associated with pregnancy as only women suffer this pain. At the same time, researchers also believe that men will have less ability to withstand the side effects of a potential contraceptive. This study has been done on rats, which found that a single dose of SAC inhibitor tablet called TDI 11861 was given to rats. In this experiment, it was observed that the first dose immobilized the spermatozoa of rats for two and a half hours and this effect persisted in the fertility rate of female rats after mating.

According to this study, some sperm become active again after about 3 hours. During the research, it has also been revealed that after giving this pill, when the rats were released with female rats, they all had normal sexual intercourse. The female rats were not found to be pregnant despite approximately 50 separate mating attempts. At the same time, no negative effect of this pill was found on the rats as well. That’s why now scientists have considered this pill 100 percent effective.

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