‘Bumper explosion’ happened in America, NASA’s technology did not work


Science News Desk – Recently, a major incident took place in Texas, USA, about which NASA did not get any information. The event occurred on February 15 at 6 pm in McAllen, Texas, near the fall of a meteorite, which was followed by a terrible explosion. The local people complained about this terrible explosion to the police. Locals told the police that they heard a huge explosion.

The US space agency NASA said that the explosion was caused by a meteor hitting the Earth. A meteorite weighing about 450 kg was rapidly moving towards the earth, which broke apart while entering the earth’s atmosphere about 33 kilometers above and some part of it also fell on the ground. The speed of this meteorite was being told as 43000 kilometers per hour. Energy of about 8 TNT was present in it.

Two airports have also claimed to have seen it. Earlier in the year 2013, such an incident had also happened in Texas, during that time also the meteorite hit the ground. According to the European Space Agency, in the year 2013 there was news of a meteorite falling in Russia as well. During this, about 1500 people were said to have been injured by the meteorite. Apart from this, there was heavy damage in that area.

The surprising thing is that even more than one NASA telescope deployed in space and on Earth could not catch this meteorite. Scientists say that due to sunlight during the day, there must have been a problem in seeing the meteorite, due to which it could not be caught.

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