Can a dead person be alive? Claim to change the future of humans, know what is this special technique


Science News Desk – Can a dead person be alive again? You must be surprised to hear this, but you will be surprised to know that scientists are claiming to revive humans with a special technique. The name of this technique is cryonic technique. Now this question must be arising in your mind that what is this cryonic technique and how it works. Media reports have claimed that in the Arizona region of America, with a special technique, the bodies of dead people are kept cool and extremely safe. Scientists are claiming that cryonic technology will be further developed in the future and dead humans can be brought back to life.

According to media reports, people abroad also spend a lot of money to keep the dead bodies of their relatives safe with this technique. In this technique called cryonics, human body parts are kept in very low temperatures. However, only claims are being made regarding cryonic technology. There is no truth in this. Although scientists say that many years ago going to the moon was also like a dream, but with modern technology this dream also became true. Scientists claim that if any technology is further developed in the coming time, humans can be resurrected. According to media reports, scientists are constantly trying to revive humans with CPR technique.

According to media reports, dead bodies of children and infants are also being preserved through cryonic technology. At the same time, efforts are being made to preserve human sperm. However, the cost of preserving the body through cryonic technology is very high. A report has claimed that it may cost one crore rupees to preserve the dead body with cryonic technique.

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