Dangerous creatures will emerge from the sea, will hunt humans! Will global warming cause the next mass extinction?


Science News Desk – It has always been interesting to read and learn about the ocean. From time to time the question also arises whether the sea can bring havoc on the earth. Will the sea animal or animals come out of the sea and take over the human settlement. Researchers are trying to find answers to all these questions. A team of researchers examined an area called the Bakken Formation of 5.18 lakh square kilometers between North Dakota and Canada. At this place he found a black shawl. Actually the Bakken Formation is America’s largest natural gas and oil treasure. But in the research done by the researchers on the black shell, a scary revelation has been revealed.

According to a report in Live Science, research has revealed that the rising water level in the sea has reduced the oxygen level manifold. Along with this, an increase in the spread of hydrogen sulphide was observed. Researchers told that for this reason, the process of mass destruction continued in different corners of the world from 41.9 million years to 35.89 million years during the Devonian period. The Devonian period is also called the age of fishes.

The report states that hydrogen sulfide is formed when algae begin to rot on the ocean floor. This causes a rapid change in the level of oxygen in the sea and it decreases rapidly. Allen J. Kaufman, co-author of this research and geologist at the University of Maryland, told that even before this, the spread of hydrogen sulfide has caused large-scale destruction. But its effects have not been researched yet.

there have been five major mass extinctions
He told that in the Devonian period there were such fishes which did not have jaws. These were called placoderms. These fishes were especially widespread in Gondwana and Euramerica. During that time there were also a lot of trilobites and ammonites in the sea. There were also plants like ferns on the ground. This Devonian period witnessed five major mass extinctions, the cause of which was.

Dangerous creatures from the sea will come out to hunt humans
Researchers have made scary revelations in their research and warned that the way global warming is happening. According to this, the next big disaster will come from the sea only. That means the next catastrophe is about to come because of humans. It has been said in the research that the water level of the sea will go on increasing and there will be a shortage of oxygen here. Along with this, the amount of hydrogen sulphide will also go on increasing. Sea creatures will emerge from the sea and capture human settlements and hunt them. After this, gradually new creatures will be born and then along with new animals, new trees and plants will also come.

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