Do aliens want to say something to humans? Received mysterious signal… New algorithm will listen to the voice buried in the noise


Science News Desk – One question that often arises in the mind of every human being is that are we alone in the universe? We haven’t received a reply yet. But the best way to find the answer is to look for technosignatures, or evidence of technology developed by aliens. In this case, the biggest problem facing astronomers is to detect the difference between possible alien signals and man-made signals. Eight mysterious radio signals have been detected with the help of a new artificial intelligence algorithm. Researchers hope that this will make the search for aliens easier.

The experts, led by University of Toronto student Peter Ma, used algorithms to look at 820 stars in a region of space. Earlier it was believed that it was devoid of any possible alien activity but now this exciting discovery is in front of everyone. The researchers did not notice these signals in their initial examination of the data. One reason for this, according to Peter, was that his comments often had such ‘interference’.

He explained that we need to separate the mysterious and exciting radio signals in space from the normal radio signals coming from Earth. Together with astronomers at the SETI Institute, Peter has developed a new machine learning algorithm that can better separate potential alien signals from all the background noise on our planet. ‘Deep Learning’ has been used in this.

Deep learning is a type of machine learning and artificial intelligence that mimics the way humans perceive things. This technology is used in driverless cars. Many people on earth have claimed to have seen aliens but no concrete evidence has been found in this regard. Last year, people in London, Las Vegas and Brazil claimed to have seen UFOs. It is even said that ‘in 2023 only aliens will land on earth’.

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