Earth will be cooled by moon dust, scientists told unique way to fight global warming, how much power in the plan


Science News Desk – Global warming is an issue that is affecting every country in the world. Global warming conferences are held every year. But the scientific community is engaged in finding solutions for this. A group of American scientists has come up with a new proposal to solve global warming through clouds in space. They say that the dust of the moon should form clouds in space, which should obstruct the way of the sun’s rays coming to the earth. When most of the sunlight is gone, the earth will start to cool down.

According to this strange plan of theirs, we will mine the moon and throw the dust coming out of it towards the sun. The dust will remain between the Sun and Earth for about two weeks, dimming the Sun’s light, after which it will dissipate. To make this plan of scientists successful, one crore tonnes of moon dust will be needed every year. They say that if this plan works, then humans will get some more time to reduce carbon emissions in the world.

Plans have already been given
Unfortunately, we all know that planning is not as simple as it sounds. Although the plan to prevent sunlight from reaching the earth is not new. Solar-geo-engineering or solar radiation is a plan for cooling the Earth by controlling sunlight coming from the Sun. The most popular method is by releasing a thin layer of aerosol particles around the Earth into the Earth’s upper atmosphere. However, messing with the atmosphere in this way can change the patterns of rain and drought. Apart from this, it can also destroy the ozone layer.

why use moon dust
A giant mirror in space or a swarm of satellites has been suggested to block the light. But lunar dust is considered better than both these ideas. This is because there is no dearth of dust on the moon. Also launching from the Moon’s lower gravity dust clouds would be cheaper than launching from Earth.

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