Great earthquake will come in India too? Dutch researcher who warned in Turkey-Syria now predicts what


Science News Desk – The terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria has shaken the whole world. Along with the earthquake in Turkey, Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets remains a topic of discussion. He predicted a dangerous earthquake in Turkey and its neighboring areas, let us tell you that more than 33 thousand people have died due to the earthquake in Turkey. Recently, another video of Hagarbeats is going viral on the internet. Is. In this video, he is claiming that a major earthquake is about to hit the Indian Ocean region of the Indian subcontinent i.e. India-Pakistan and several areas around Afghanistan.

Frank works for the Huggerbeats Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS). Frank Hoogerbeats predicts earthquakes on Earth based on the motion of the planets. SSGEOS is a research institute that monitors celestial objects such as planets to estimate earthquake activity. Frank predicted an earthquake in Turkey and its surrounding areas. Many questions have arisen regarding Frank’s claims on Twitter. At the same time, Frank also says that the prediction of earthquake is not theoretically correct. At the same time, American geologists believe that accurate prediction of seismic events is not possible.

Frank also predicted strong earthquakes in the Indian Ocean region along with Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Frank himself says that it is not clear that starting from Afghanistan, the earthquake will reach the Indian Ocean. But Frank isn’t 100% sure about his guess. They are predicting a devastation like the 2001 India earthquake, but further add that it cannot be 100% accurate. Frank told the media that he is ready to share his knowledge about this with Indian scientists if the Indian government permits.

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