How dangerous is Indonesia’s Merapi volcano, what can it bring about?


Science News Desk – Indonesia’s Mount Merapi volcano is once again in the news. There was a sudden explosion in this volcano on Saturday, which could not be predicted beforehand, so that people could get advance information about this eruption. According to the local residents, till five minutes ago, the sound of thunder was heard in the clouds and then ash spread in the sky. The ash and sand coming out of the volcano spread to a height of two thousand feet and a radius of three kilometers. One of the most active volcanoes in the world, it is also considered a very dangerous volcano.

where is this volcano
After the explosion, an immediate alert was issued and the area of ​​5 kilometers was restricted. It is being told that till now the lava has spread to a distance of more than one and a half kilometer. Mount Merapi volcano, located near the city of Yogyakarta on the Indonesian island of Java, is known by the name of this mountain.

most active volcano
It is considered one of the most active volcanoes not only in Indonesia but on Earth. Its special thing is that it has been erupting at regular intervals since 1548 and smoke keeps coming out of it for 300 days in a year. This is the reason that this volcano remains a threat to the people of the surrounding areas.

The volcano is in a special position
There are about 130 active volcanoes in and around Indonesia, which fall in the belt of the Ring of Fire passing through the Pacific Ocean, so there is a danger of earthquakes, as well as the possibility of frequent eruptions of active volcanoes. And it persists.

somewhat active
By the way, this volcano was active since the 16th century. But in modern times, it has been more active since 1930, due to which it is considered the most active volcano in Indonesia. Earlier in the year 2010, 300 people had died in the explosion and about three lakh people had become homeless.

chance of volcanic eruption
Indonesia’s location on the Ring of Fire means that the islands of Indonesia are located on the edge of tectonic plates, which are prone to collisions, with minimal earthquakes whenever there is geological activity. In such a situation, the possibility of eruption of volcanoes present here increases manifold.

lava too close
Most volcanoes are at the edges of tectonic plates, with the Ring of Fire thought to be the most active, but where the lava is closest to the volcano below ground, more lava is likely to erupt when it erupts. In such a situation, these volcanoes become even more dangerous. There are hundreds of volcanoes in these conditions, but there is a reason Merapi volcano is considered the most dangerous. This volcano has been active for a long time and smoke keeps coming out of it most of the time. All the circumstances together are making this volcano hyperactive, due to which this volcano is considered the most dangerous volcano in the world.

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