How much is the temperature of space, is this place cold or very hot, how is the temperature measured in space?


Science News Desk – About 15 crore km away from the sun, when the earth sweats in summer, then imagine what will happen in space? Whereas, when winter nights are so cold on Earth, how cold would space be? Depending on the season, these questions must have arisen in your mind many times. Let us tell you that all the time in space outside the earth, the temperature remains in zero or even less minus. How is this possible? How can the temperature of space stay so cold? How cold is space really? Today we are going to give you the answers to some such questions.

Before knowing the answers to the questions arising in the mind regarding the temperature of space, it is necessary to understand the science behind it. First of all it is important to know what is heat? According to a layman, if we can roam around in T-shirts and pyjamas or feel free to go for a swim in a swimming pool, then the weather is hot. At the same time, its meaning for scientists is a bit complicated. According to scientists, the meaning of hot is the movement of particles. If the particles are floating very fast in the atmosphere then the temperature will be higher and the reverse is an indicator of cold.

Scientists do not use Fahrenheit or Celsius to measure the temperature of space. To measure the temperature of space, he needed a scale based on absolute zero. This scale was invented by William Thomson i.e. Lord Kelvin. Hence this scale is known as Kelvin. Absolute zero means a place where there is no movement of particles. In other words, the Kelvin scale measures the temperature of places where the particles are not moving. On this basis, zero Kelvin means minus 273 degree Celsius and minus 495 degree Fahrenheit.

Some parts of space have a temperature of 0 Kelvin, or pure zero. These are those places in space where no gas particle is present. There are no signs of any astronomical activities here. So there is no hustle or bustle here. Whereas, the closer you go to the Sun, the temperature of space increases. If you start moving directly towards the Sun, you will turn into ice before burning up to ashes. Heat is generated in space by radiation. When you go into space, your body heat will gradually decrease and there will come a time when you will turn into a human ice ball.

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