If someone touches you suddenly, do you feel electrocuted? The secret is hidden in the veins; you also know


Science News Desk – You too must have felt such electric shocks, but have you ever wondered why this happens? The reason behind this is very simple. Shock is related to the nerves of our body. Some people are more afraid of this shock. It is a very simple process. Although doctors attribute the reason behind this to the deficiency of vitamins B12, B6 and B1. If you are having such tremors continuously then you must tell the doctor. Such tremors are more common during monsoon. Let’s know the reason for the shock.

Neurologists tell that electrical activity keeps on happening in our body. The way the wire is used to transmit electricity to the house and plastic coating is done over the copper wire. In the same way, there is a coating on the nerves of our body. It is called myelin sheath in medical language. The myelin sheaths sometimes become imbalanced and this happens when you stay in one position for a long time. This disturbs the electrons present in the body.

At this time, if someone touches suddenly, the myelin sheath in the nerves becomes active. Which shocks us. Doctors tell that the feeling of current depends on the person. Like people who have more tingling in their teeth. They like cold and hot things more. On the other hand, some people do not mind it. It depends on their sensitivity.

It must have happened many times with you too that you are sitting on a plastic chair and get shocked. This happens because when we sit on a plastic chair and our feet do not touch the ground, the plastic chair collects electrons from our clothes and a positive charge gets accumulated in it and as soon as you move away from the chair If so, we get up. This charge travels towards the chair and at that time a slight current is felt on touching the chair.

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