Must have often seen round well, but do you know the reason for its shape? scientific reason behind


Science News Desk – There are many such things in the world that you must have seen many times, but no question will ever arise in your mind about it. Nor would have ever tried to know what could be the reason behind making anything. All such questions and reasons are directly related to science, but perhaps we start understanding it as choice, tradition or custom. Like how many times you must have seen Golkuan in the countryside, but have you ever wondered why the well is made round. If not, then know today.

You must have often seen many wells, most of them have a similarity, which is its shape, wells have always been seen circular, but have you ever wondered why the well is not square or triangular, why it is round. ? Know that there is a big scientific reason behind this. The practice of extracting water from the well and using it is centuries old. Decades ago, rural areas were dependent on well water.

Even today many villages are dependent on wells, but development has taken place in many villages and wells have been replaced by taps, boring and tubewells. But even after seeing the round well, have you ever wondered why the well is always made round, whereas water can remain in square, hexagonal or triangular wells as well. Actually there is a scientific reason behind it. Which determines the round shape of the well to prolong its life.

If desired, a well-shaped square, hexagon or triangle can be made. But he will not live long. The reason behind this is that the more corners there are, the higher the water pressure at those corners. Due to which those corners soon succumb to the pressure and cracks start appearing in them. And they will start sinking prematurely. Whereas with a circular well, the advantage is that because each wall is equal, the water pressure is uniform throughout the well. Force is not more or less on anyone. And these wells remain intact not only for years but also for decades.

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