Nasa scientists are also scratching their heads seeing a crack in the Sun! Will it affect the earth?


Science News Desk – Now scientists have made a strange discovery about the Sun. Scientists say that a large part of the Sun has broken apart. Because of this, this incident is being considered very big. Due to separation of a part of the Sun, scientists are deriving many meanings from it and the most strange thing is that it is revolving around the Sun. If you also want to see the video of this incident, you can see it here. After this incident, scientists are excited as well as tense.

This unique event was detected and recorded by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Weather forecaster Tamita Shove has also shared its video on social media. She writes in the post that a northern part of the Sun has separated from its main filament and is revolving around the Sun like a big vortex.

According to a report on, shortwave radio blackout was observed in the Pacific Ocean due to a medium-sized powerful solar flare. Scotch McIntosh, deputy director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, explains that once every solar cycle, something strange happens at 55 degrees latitude of the Sun. At the same time, some experts say that they have never seen this phenomenon like Bhanwar before.

Weather forecaster Dr. Tamita Skov told about this incident on Twitter. He also shared a video. Let us tell you that the Sun is considered to be the main source of solar fire or solar heat. Because of this many times the communication on the earth also gets affected. Because of this, scientists are more stressed about this new development in the sun.

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