NASA’s helicopter was doing ‘pea patrol’ on Mars, rover captured rare video


Science News Desk – NASA’s helicopter drone ‘Ingenuity’, which arrived to find out the secrets of Mars, has shown vigorous acrobatics on the Red Planet. This flight of ‘Ingenuity’ drone has been captured on camera by NASA’s Perseverance Rover. It is seen in this video that this small helicopter is flying here and there in the plateau region of Mars. This was the 47th flight of NASA’s helicopter which took place on 9 March. This flight was flown to investigate the surface of Mars.

According to NASA, after checking the helicopter, the Perseverance Rover will now move in this direction. During this flight, NASA’s helicopter traveled up to about 440 meters. Now this helicopter will stay in this area for a few days, which has been named Iota. The highest speed of the helicopter during this flight was 5.3 meters per second. If this drone remains in the right condition, it will soon make its 50th flight. Ingenuity and the rover work together to uncover the secrets of Mars.

Both send more and more pictures to NASA. During this, they use satellites orbiting Mars and NASA’s deep space. At the same time, there are many powerful antennas on the earth, which keep an eye on the mission going on in the distant space. In this video, huge sand dunes are visible under the helicopter. This helicopter is not only taking care of the rover, but also testing for future missions to bring back samples from NASA and the European Union.

It is being said that around the year 2033, an attempt will be made by NASA to bring the samples being collected on Mars to Earth. Two backup helicopters will go to retrieve these samples. Rover is collecting these samples from the land of Mars. Both the rover and the helicopter have been carrying out an expedition, named ‘Delta Top’, for the last 8 months. Under this, they are investigating a river delta where there was a lake billions of years ago.

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