OneWeb launched 40 satellites

OneWeb launched 40 satellites

Science News Desk!! UK-based satellite communications company Network Access Associated Ltd (OneWeb) said on Friday that 40 of its satellites were launched by SpaceX from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. OneWeb is backed by India’s telecom major Bharti Group. According to OneWeb, the rocket carrying the 40 satellites took off on Thursday. The satellites successfully separated from the rocket and rocketed away using three different groups over a period of 40 minutes. Final separation occurred one hour and 35 minutes after launch. OneWeb said all 40 satellites have started transmitting signals. This launching is the 17th and last mission of OneWeb so far.

With 582 satellites now in orbit, OneWeb will set a record with ISRO/NSIL later this month. Today’s launch is an exciting milestone as we are now only one mission away from completing our Gen 1 cohort, which will activate global service in 2023, said Neil Masterson, CEO of OneWeb. This can be solved by connectivity on a large scale. Today’s success is the result of the dedication of the entire team. It is noteworthy that later this month, an Indian rocket LVM 3 will carry 36 OneWeb satellites. This will bring the number of OneWeb’s low earth orbit satellites to 618.



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