Planet Jupiter, Venus and Moon seen together, netizens shared rare sight on Twitter


Science News Desk – Recently a rare sight of Moon, Jupiter and Venus coming together was seen. The sight of this spectacular event was seen all over the world. All these three celestial bodies formed a very beautiful trifecta in the sky on Wednesday night, which was enjoyed by astronomers. It is known that Earth’s mysterious twin planet Venus and the brightest planet of our solar family Jupiter/Brihaspati are gradually coming closer to each other, which is going to form a conjunction on March 1. also joined them.

People around the world, including India, saw the bright planets in the sky when they came close to each other. Venus is, currently, the third brightest natural object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon. It is so bright that sometimes it can be seen even in daylight. People and agencies studying celestial objects around the world have captured this rare sight on their devices (mobile or camera) and shared it on social media.

Actually this sight was seen on 21 and 22 February about an hour after sunset. From this point of view, Jupiter appears to form a silver line about 8 degrees above Venus and the Moon is about 7 degrees below Venus. In fact, since the beginning of this month, Venus and Jupiter are coming closer to each other. On February 20, the angular distance between them had decreased from 29° to only 8°. It is to be known that these two planets are going to form a conjunction on March 1, that means only 0.52 degrees will be left between the two planets on that day. Astronomers and researchers are baffled by this phenomenon as it is not a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

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