Scientists claim, dark energy can remain inside the black hole, the secret of expansion of the universe is hidden in it


Science News Desk – Scientists around the world have agreed that a huge black hole can swallow anything and end it. However, now some scientists have claimed on the basis of new research on black holes that these huge black holes found in the center of many galaxies can reveal the reasons for the expansion of the universe. Researchers say that the universe is expanding continuously and rapidly. The reason for this expansion is hidden in the black hole and the dark energy produced inside it. The new research has been reported in The Astrophysical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

According to the report published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, scientists have uncovered the biggest mystery of the universe. Based on The Astrophysical Journal Letters, The Guardian reports that this new discovery has also challenged the theories of one of the world’s greatest scientists, Albert Einstein. Scientists claim that the dark energy created inside the black hole does not end up swallowing and destroying the stars. This energy remains inside the black hole.

What is still the disagreement among scientists?
Astronomer Duncan Farah of the University of Hawaii says that black holes are the source of dark energy. It is produced when black holes swallow, break up and destroy stars. However, some scientists also disagree with this theory. He says that it is too early to link black holes and dark energy. Vitor Cardoso, a professor of physics at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, said several counterarguments and facts needed to be understood if the case and claim could go on for a few months.

When was dark energy first discovered?
According to scientists standing in favor of new research, the secret of keeping the universe connected may be hidden in the formation of black holes. According to The Guardian report, scientists first proposed dark energy in the late 1990s. Then measurements of distant stars showed that the expansion of the universe was accelerating. The discovery posed a question to astronomers: When gravity is slowing the expansion, what could be speeding it up?

How to challenge Einstein’s theory?
The great scientist Albert Einstein claimed in 1917 that the universe is static and cannot expand. Now according to new research and research results, the universe is expanding rapidly. That’s why new scientists have not only challenged Albert Einstein’s old theory but have also proved it wrong. Scientists say that the dark energy produced inside the black hole accelerates the universe. This dark energy acts like negative pressure, which makes everything separate from each other. However, scientists are still working to find out its real source.

How does a black hole expand?
Before knowing the process of expansion of black holes, it is necessary to understand how they are formed. Actually, when the time comes to destroy a star, it gets stuck somewhere and remains in a small point. This small point takes the form of a black hole. Scientists say that with the development and aging of the universe, black holes will also get bigger. Scientists have also observed the expansion of black holes in colder galaxies. According to Professor Dave Clements, from the Department of Physics at Imperial College London, the research on the creation of dark energy inside black holes is astonishing. We started looking at how black holes grow. Our research is expected to solve a big problem in cosmology.

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