Scientists made Terminator 2-like robot, will take shape again even after melting


Science News Desk – Many years ago in the movie ‘Terminator 2’ a robot was shown which could change its shape. The audience was shocked to see this and speculations started whether this could really happen. Scientists have done. Earlier this month, scientists announced the development of a robot that can change shape between solid and liquid. Furthermore, it can withstand multiple obstacles and environments without compromising on its sturdiness.

Researchers have used this technique in various situations to demonstrate the capabilities of this robot. Researchers led by a team of Chinese scientists say the robot, which has the ability to overcome multiple obstacles, could be effective in areas such as electronic assembly. Science Alert quoted engineer Changfeng Pan from the Chinese University of Hong Kong as saying, “Giving robots the ability to change between solid and liquid states could greatly expand their uses.

The study describes how microscopic magnetic particles were introduced into the liquid metal and how they heat and cool the metal by adjusting the particles’ magnetic actions. Along with this study, the researchers have also shown a video of the robot changing shape. It is seen that the robot is locked in a cell and after a few seconds it raises its temperature and crawls on the ground like the robot from Terminator 2 and comes out of the cell. After this, it comes into its shape as soon as it cools down.

Scientists have used gallium metal to make robots, which melts at a temperature of more than 29 degrees. Scientists have combined a mixture of gallium with magnetic particles to create a machine of sorts that turns magnetoactive solids and liquids. Scientists are planning to use it in some real work. Although scientists will need to make some changes in the robot for this.

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