Six most special cities of the future being built in the world

Science News Desk – There is a lot of talk about establishing human settlements on space, moon and Mars, but there is very little discussion about how the cities of the earth will be in the future. This has not been the subject of science fiction. Many people will be surprised to know that many countries of the world are working on building the cities of the future, in which design and architecture are being taken to a different level to meet the architectural and urban needs. This includes the US, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, China, South Korea and India.

The city of Telosa in the US is the brainchild of Arab husband Marc Lorre, which aims to set new and improved standards of urban housing for the future. The target is to complete this project by 2050, but the interesting thing is that its exact status has not been decided yet. It has futuristic features like renewable energy, green areas, efficient use and reuse of water, making it livable for every class from an environmental and economic point of view.

Italy’s famous architect Stefano Borri has conceived and designed a smart city near Cancun, Mexico in 2019, in which people will have a deep connection with nature, hence it is also called Smart Forest City, which will have 7.5 million tree saplings. In this, the heritage of the Maya culture of the region and its natural connection will be seen.

It is very difficult to imagine a city in a desert country like Saudi Arabia. But here a city with very luxury facilities is being developed in which the country is going to spend 100 to 200 billion dollars. A linear city 100 miles long would have no need for a car. It will drive high-speed self-driving environment-friendly vehicles and more importantly, the city will be ready by 2030.

Countries like South Korea are also not far behind in this list. Oceanix Busan will be the first such city in the world and its prototype has already been delivered to the United Nations in April 2022. This coastal city will be a self-sustaining floating city with the ability to completely repair itself, which will not be at risk of sea level rise as it will remain floating.

Chengdu Sky Valley in China is going to be a great candidate for the city of the future. It has been designed by MVRDV company. The project is currently stalled, but is designed to enhance and preserve the traditional Limpan settlement of rural communities in the valleys of its region. In this, the security of agriculture sector has also been taken care of. Here the best balance between lifestyle and nature will be seen.

The master plan of Amaravati was conceived by Foster & Associates. The work on this project is not going on, but the concept of this city has given a very wonderful vision for the future. It was specially designed from an environmental point of view, with many facilities such as technology for electric vehicles, water taxis, separate lanes for bicycles.

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