Successful trial of Flying Car in Japan, at a speed of 36km/h, such a long flight over the sea!


Science News Desk – Flying cars are being considered as the means of transportation of the future. The way the world’s population is increasing and the number of vehicles is increasing rapidly, traffic jam can be a major problem in the coming times. Flying cars are being touted as an alternative to this problem, and Japan is now one step closer.

A test flight of the flying car has been conducted in Oita Prefecture, southwest Japan. It was conducted by the Okayama-based research group Mesk. This is a two seater flying car made in China. According to the report of NHK World Japan, it is based on drone technology. During the trial, it was run on a pre-programmed route. While no pilot was also present on the control system. First it was raised to a height of 30 meters in the air and then it kept circling over the sea for 3.5 minutes at a speed of 36 kilometers per hour.

According to research group chairman Kirino Hiroshi, their aim is to develop the flying car commercially. Flying car is the future technology which is going to prove very useful for humans in the coming times. The successful completion of a test flight of a flying car confirms that flying cars will be part of everyday life in the future. Also, their utility is doubled by the fact that their infrastructure cost is negligible compared to other modes of transport. Whereas the cost of road transport or rail transport is many times more.

The biggest advantage of flying car transportation is also going to be in saving time. However, it has been said in the report that companies making flying cars still need a lot of time for this, so that flying vehicles can be made on a large scale. For this, there is a challenge of design and engineering, as well as the environmental damage caused by them will also have to be taken into account. Also things like commercial operation can be realized keeping in mind things like safety clearance. Apart from this, an important issue of noise pollution can also be related to them. Then the landing infrastructure will also have to be developed. By working on all these areas, flying cars can become human companions in the future, for which companies around the world are striving.

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