The 23 kg dodo bird that went extinct 400 years ago will be alive again! Claim of genetic engineering company


Science News Desk – An American research firm is about to do something no one has done before. In the modern era, science has progressed so much that man has also got the power to revive extinct species from nature, as seems to be proved by the claim of this research firm. A research firm called Colossal Biosciences says it is trying to revive the dodo bird that went extinct 400 years ago.

The Dodo bird became extinct in the 17th century. Now Colossal Biosciences says it wants to revive it through genetic modification. For this, the company is talking about resorting to gene editing. If this happens then it will be a great achievement for the mankind from the side of the scientists. Colossal Biosciences has presented complete research related to the dodo on its official website, in which the firm has also explained how to revive the dodo.

This can be proven true only when this firm has fully read and decoded the genome of the dodo. The scientists here have started working on it. For this, scientists are taking the help of stem cell technology, which can revive the extinct species up to 350 years ago. If this happens, then in the coming time even huge creatures like dinosaurs can be seen roaming on the earth again. At the same time, it has been said in the research report that this can be possible through gene editing.

According to the conclusion drawn on the basis of gene study, dodo is considered close to pigeons. It used to be a heavy bird whose weight could range from 13 kg to 23 kg. It was a bird in appearance but could not fly. The dodo was first seen in 1507. After this they were killed and eaten and gradually their number decreased. Then their species became extinct in the 17th century. Scientists at Colossal Biosciences believe that if this is successful, we will be able to save species that are now on the verge of extinction. With the help of science, scientists are trying their best to make it a reality.

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