The ‘burden of population’ even on the Milky Way! More stars are being born than expected, know the whole matter


Science News Desk – Every year stars are formed in our galaxy i.e. Milky-way. But a new study has the scientific community perplexed. A study led by scientists from the University of Würzburg in Germany says that the rate of star formation in the Milky Way is much higher than previously estimated. That is, more stars are being born every year than scientists are thinking. The study also debunks the idea that star formation is a stable process.

The study, published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, is available on the preprint server arXiv. Quoting the American space agency NASA, our associate website has written that stars are born by mixing gases inside clouds of dust. These clouds are scattered throughout most of the galaxies. The best known example of these is the Orion Nebula. According to NASA, turbulence inside the clouds causes lumps to form and gas and dust begin to combine to form stars.

According to information, it starts with a protostar. It is the hot core of a collapsing cloud, which one day becomes a star. According to Science Alert, till now it is believed that Milky Way i.e. our galaxy produces stars with substance equal to two suns every year. Because these stars are so small compared to the Sun, it is expected that about 6 or 7 stars are born each year in our galaxy.

But recent studies say that stars with the mass of the Sun are evolving 4 to 8 times every year. Because their size is small, according to that our galaxy should produce 10 to 20 stars every year. Although this is also a guess, it has rejected the previous theory.

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