The dead were not alive so first burnt, then buried the bones… ‘Magic nail’ found in Turkey, archaeologist surprised


Science News Desk – A unique discovery has been made at an archaeological site in Turkey. This discovery shows that the ancestors of humans have been believing in witchcraft for a long time. A new study has revealed that in Roman times people feared that the dead could rise again. A cremation tomb has been discovered at Sagalassos in southwestern Turkey. It is 100-150 AD old. 41 bent nails, 24 bricks and a layer of lime plaster to seal the tomb have been recovered from the tomb. The remains of an adult male were buried at the same site, an unusual practice in Roman times.

A study related to this has been published in the Antiquity Journal. Researchers said they found bent nails at the cremation site where bodies were burned. The man whose remains were found was cremated here and then buried nearby. Such a practice was not common in Roman times. Johann Claeys, the author of the study, said, ‘Its remains were buried in not one but three different ways. It may be that at that time people feared that the dead might rise again.

This archaeological site contains examples from the Roman period. Talking about the funeral rites in the Roman period, according to the examples found earlier, the dead bodies were burnt and then later the bones and ashes were buried in the urn. But the bones found show that the last rites of the deceased were performed at the same place. A woven basket, remains of food, a coin, porcelain and glass vessels were also found in the grave. It is believed that this may have been a way of bidding farewell to their loved ones during that time.

The researchers could not find any information about the nail. Similar nails have been found in Roman tombs before, but what they were used for is not known. This nail is neither part of the coffin nor the rest of the grave. Researchers believe that these nails were never used, but it is possible that they are associated with witchcraft. After examining the bones, it has been found that this person did not have any kind of disease.

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