The new substance will change the whole world, why is such a claim being made?

Science News Desk – We have always been hearing that the world is changing. Change in the world is a continuous process, but when we change, we talk about big change. In recent times, the world has seen a lot of restlessness about changes at many levels. The most prominent of these is the energy sector. Climate change has become a chronic factor in this. Now the need for self-reliance in the energy sector is increasingly being felt. Scientists are now claiming to have discovered a new superconductor material that will soon completely change the world of energy and electronics.

at very low temperatures
This new discovery has the potential to make the world’s electricity grid extremely efficient and fast. This will greatly speed up the use of electricity. Ranga Dias, assistant professor at the University of Rochester in New York, and his colleagues claim to have created a material that can be a superconductor at just 20 degrees Celsius.

High pressure yet low!
The researchers made this material from a combination of hydrogen, nitrogen and lutetium, which would require a pressure of one gigapascal at this temperature, which is ten thousand times higher than atmospheric pressure at the Earth’s surface, but it is comparable to previous superconductor materials. I have too much. , Relatively low pressure.

very different from previous experiments
Dias says it’s a lot like how in the 1940s we started seeing a Ferrari racing down the street on a horse. This is the difference between the previous experiments and this new experiment and will prove to be a huge game changer in times to come. Superconductors have been under intense research for a long time, which will solve many problems.

how to make
In a study published in the journal Nature, the researchers detailed their experiment, showing how they forced a three-component material to change its blue color to red under intense pressure between two diamonds. This resulted in a superconductor that would usher in a new era in the world of electricity and electronics.

what would be the use
This will see major changes in consumer electronics, power transmission cables, distribution and other major functions. Due to this, there will be no resistance to the flow of electricity in the wires, due to which there will be no loss of 200 million megawatt hours of energy. In addition, imaging and scanning techniques such as MRA and magnetocardiography will become better and more accessible to the medical field.

there will be many more
Not only this, our electronic devices will now become faster and more efficient and there will be vast improvements in memory device technology, as well as improvements in the magnetic confinement of fusion, which will allow many things that were not possible before. Now because of its absence. This also includes the removal of barriers to plaza use. Now even nuclear fusion under controlled conditions would not be a far cry.

At first glance, these changes seem small. But with no damage going on in electrical wires, all electrical appliances will miraculously become many times better and efficient. Power shortage will end, alternative sources of energy will also start competing with conventional sources. The cost of such sources would drop rapidly, shifting the attention of scientists from energy efficiency to other important areas. Yes, it is true that this discovery can do that, but there is still a lot of work to be done on it.

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