The truth of ‘Patal Lok’ came to the fore after years! Scientists were also surprised to see this sticky thing, after years the truth of ‘Patal Lok’ came to the fore! Scientists were also surprised to see this sticky thing


Science News Desk – You must have heard the mention of ‘Patal Lok’ many times in mythology. If those stories are to be believed then ‘Patal Lok’ is such a place where demonic powers reside. You will be surprised to know that now ‘Patal Lok’ is not just a part of the story because scientists have tried to reach Patal Lok after extensive research. It is mentioned in many places that if a deep pit is dug under the surface of the earth, then we can reach Patal Lok. At present, scientists have done something similar. In research, a rock layer was found about 100 miles below the ground which was completely molten. So far this is the first time researchers have been able to reach so far below the ground. You will be surprised to know that this layer is below the asthenosphere.

Asthenosphere is the very bottom of the earth which is very thin layer and it is always moving. Researchers say that studying the asthenosphere can give us a lot of information. According to the researchers, by studying this, we will get to know about the movement of tectonic plates, apart from this, it will also be possible to calculate when and how often earthquakes can occur in the future. At present, it is very difficult to predict when and where an earthquake will occur, yet the earth has been divided into different categories from the point of view of earthquakes.

After studying the viscous and liquid substances found under the earth, researchers at the University of Texas told that its scope is very large. In the study, it was estimated that 44% of it could surround the planet. The study related to this has been published in Nature Geoscience. By studying this layer under the ground, it can be ascertained that what could be the situation in future earthquakes.

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