These two stars will collide, precious metals will be manufactured; Occurs once in 10 billion


Science News Desk – Only a few phenomena of space can be seen through telescope or other technology. Hundreds of incidents happen daily in space. Astronomers have observed some of these phenomena for the first time. Those people believe that neutron stars will merge, which have already exploded. This event happens once in 10 billion. Astronomers have already recognized this. It has been named kilonova-in-waiting. This event has changed the concepts of astronomy.

This will produce rare metals
There will be a collision between these neutron stars, this event was identified only in 2017. It is being told that this is the most important event in astronomical history. About which people have already been warned. Let us tell you that when events like kilonova occur in the galaxy, rare metals are formed on the planets. This phenomenon has already been discovered from kilonovae via the SMARTS 1.5-meter telescope in Chile.

How do stars collide?
According to the report, astronomers say that sometimes many neutron stars are located in the same orbit, but they are not able to make kilonova. In 2019, a magnetar-like explosion was seen. Only after this SMARTS was used. From which it was found that a neutron star is revolving in the orbit of a big star like itself. The strangest thing in this was that the main star in it was of the right mass and it is slowly colliding with another star by becoming a neutron star.

When will the kilonova happen?
Let us tell you that this incident is not going to happen now. First these two stars will come in one orbit and then their gravitational waves will go on weakening. After that they will explode. Kilonova is also being called so rare because very few stars in it are able to take the right shape by becoming neutron stars.

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