Traces of water found on Mars! Evidence of ancient lake in pictures sent by NASA’s Curiosity Rover


Science News Desk – NASA’s mission on Mars continues and the agency is continuously engaged in gathering information about this planet. In which one goal is also to search for water on this red planet. Because where there can be water, there can be life. Its Curiosity rover is constantly traveling on the surface of Mars and trying to find any signs that could lead to life on this planet in the past or the possibility of life in the future. In this direction, the rover has detected a very important place on Mars, seeing which it seems that there must have been a source of water here.

NASA has shared the latest pictures of Mars, seeing which it seems that there must have been a lake of water here. That means there must have been water on Mars. Curiosity Rover has found new evidence of this. The agency has raised the possibility that it could be traces of an ancient lake. These marks have been found in a special region of Mars known as sulfate bearing units. Earlier researchers were assuming that the rocks formed here are shrinking. Because wave shaped marks were found on them. But now scientists say that it is a sign of some ancient water source.

This is the best evidence of water and waves so far, Curiosity project scientist Ashwin Vasdav of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California said in a statement. He said that he has climbed many feet in this lake but no such evidence has been found so far. NASA says that millions of years ago the waves of this shallow lake would have made these marks in its bottom which would have been left behind on the rocks over time. These marks have been found here under a rock called Mount Sharp. Curiosity rover also tried to take some samples here but according to the agency it was very difficult to break these rocks for drill in the rover. So he could not collect them.

NASA’s Mars mission continues and the space agency continues to search for evidence of life on Mars. Recently, a scientist indicated that there must have been a sea on Mars. The search for life on planets other than Earth is currently paramount to human aspirations. Under this campaign, NASA keeps updating about the rocks or other objects found on the surface of Mars. Now this discovery can get a new direction by getting evidence of the existence of an ancient lake on Mars. It is possible that there may be more signs of life on Mars.

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