Trouble fell on France from space, night became like day, people came in panic after seeing ‘huge’ asteroid


Science News Desk – If suddenly there is daylight in the night, then it is considered a sign of trouble. One such big trouble has passed over France on Monday morning. An asteroid was spotted in the night sky over northern France. Because of this the night became like day. Many people also made a video of the fall of this meteorite. The possibility of the fall of this meteorite had already been estimated. According to the International Meteorological Organization, the name of the meteorite is Sar2667 (CX1).

The International Meteorite Organization has confirmed the fall of this meteorite. It was said on Twitter, ‘CX1 entered the Earth’s atmosphere on February 13 at 2.59 pm (8.29 am Indian time).’ The meteor organization wrote on its website, ‘A very bright light was seen near the moon. The meteorite has fallen in the form of a fireball at its probable time. Dozens of people have seen it. The arrival of this meteorite was already predicted. It was one meter in diameter, posing no threat to Earth. But when he passed over the people, there was panic among them.

This meteorite is visible in the sky of Rouen, France. But many reports claim that its light can also be seen from Belgium, the Netherlands, northern France and southern England. The European Space Agency had already warned for this. This meteorite started disintegrating as soon as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere. On seeing this, it seemed as if a ball of fire was falling from the sky. A warning had already been given regarding this, due to which many people got ready with their cameras. People shared the video of this incident on social media, which went viral on seeing it.

This meteorite was also important for astronomers. This is because this is the 7th meteorite, which has already been detected before hitting the Earth. This shows that the ability to detect meteorites has evolved. It was last reported on November 19, 2022, four hours before the meteorite hit Toronto, Canada. The dinosaurs were destroyed by a meteorite impact on Earth. Humans don’t want this to happen to them, so they are researching ways to detect and avoid meteorites.

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