Venus and Jupiter will be visible close to each other from your roof! will get a chance on this day


Science News Desk – The happenings in the sky baffled scientists and sky watchers. One such incident will be seen in the coming days. Mercury is the first planet of our solar system. After this comes the number of planets like Venus, then Earth, Mars, Jupiter etc. Of these, Venus and Jupiter are going to raise the thrill of the planetary scientists as they are coming closer to each other. This alliance between the two planets will happen on March 1. According to reports, this will be a rare occurrence. Let us know how you can see it.

NASA has told about these combinations in its blogs. According to them they have no astronomical significance. These incidents are meant to be seen, because such scenes are mesmerizing. The planets in our solar system often come close to each other because all the planets revolve around the Sun. According to a report, this sight can be seen in the sky after sunset i.e. at night. You can try looking west-southwest in the sky. However, smaller binoculars would be better for a better view.

Apart from this, better view will be seen in areas with less pollution and areas with dense darkness. It is being told that during this time 3 of the four moons of Jupiter can also be visible. One thing to keep in mind here is that the planets Venus and Jupiter will actually be quite far from each other. The conjunction of the planets means that they will appear closer to each other in the night sky on Earth, as their orbits around the Sun coincide.

This is the reason that even after being millions of kilometers away from each other, these planets will be seen shining in the sky of the earth. According to the information, this sight will start appearing in India after 5 pm on March 2. By the way, both the dates of March 1 and 2 are important. During this, the moon will also be seen near them. Recently also such a sight was seen and space agencies had shared its picture.

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