Water was formed even before the sun, research discovered how!

Science News Desk – It is considered very important for astronomers and other scientists to know how the solar system was formed and how its planets were formed. For this, astronomers are not only trying to understand the current processes of the Solar System, but they are also studying the Solar System located far away from the Earth, from which they are engaged in understanding the processes of formation of the Solar System. The solar system itself. This type of study also benefits. Something similar has happened in the study of the Solar System, in which the investigation of the disk of a star has shown that the presence of water in the Solar System must have existed before the Sun.

a distant solar system
The star of this solar system is actually located at a distance of 1300 light years from the Earth and it is expected that it will open many secrets of our solar system. A disc is rotating around this star named V883 Orionis, whose material will one day turn into planets. Scientists have found the presence of water vapor in this cycle.

before the sun
This discovery shows that the water of the Solar System, including our own Solar System, was present at the time of the birth of the Sun, meaning that it must have been present not only on Earth but also before the formation of the Sun. , and from it everything existed, including our Earth. Must have played a big role in the formation of planets. Astronomer John Tobin of America’s National Radio Astronomy Observatory explains that now we can trace the origin of water formed before the sun in our solar system.

water in the universe
Water is a very common substance found throughout the universe, just the conditions are very different from where it occurs on Earth. Water also plays a role in almost all life processes. But very few people know that water also contributes to the formation of planets. Stars are made of clouds of gas and dust. The dense cloud begins to spin under the influence of gravity and its rotation rotates the surrounding material, forming a disk around it, which supplies material to the baby star.

role of water in the solar system
After the formation of a star, the formation of other parts of the planetary system also begins in the disk itself. Dust particles start sticking together and the bodies formed by their meeting start getting bigger and bigger until the effect of gravity starts to arise in them. It is believed that water also plays a very important role in this process.

isotope of hydrogen
After a certain stage, the water vapor freezes and forms a snow line, which is dust surrounded by snow, which gives it the ability to stick to other particles. Where and how water is formed depends on the isotope of hydrogen. Where there are no neutrons in the center of normal hydrogen, there is a neutron in the center of deuterium. Which is called heavy hydrogen and the water made from it is called heavy water or heavy water. The conditions for its formation are different from the conditions for the formation of normal water.

same ratio everywhere
The ratio of water to heavy water is similar in Earth and comets, but this only suggests that the water on the planets may have come from comets or asteroids. But how the water got there was a mystery. Researchers have solved this knot by studying V833 Orionis. Until now scientists associated Earth with comets, and protostars with the interstellar medium. V883 Orionis may prove that our solar system also has the same proportion of deuterium and hydrogen.

The star is so young that scientists can get information about the ratio of hydrogen isotopes in the water from the light coming from it. V833 Orionis was like the missing link in this so far. The study, published in Nature, showed that water originated in planetary systems in interstellar space billions of years before the Sun, and that the same water arrived on comets and Earth unchanged.

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