What does science say why tears come from the eyes when we cry, know what is its secret

Science News Desk – Tears are a strange thing in human life. Sometimes deep sorrow dries the tears of people’s eyes and sometimes more happiness also brings tears to the eyes. But it is believed that whenever a person is emotional, tears come in his eyes. But something like onion makes a person cry without any emotion. People do not know the scientific explanation of what these tears have to do with emotion. Which chemical is behind the phenomenon of crying which is related to eyes and tears. What does science say about tears in the eyes?

Why do tears come?
According to scientists, tears come in the eyes for many reasons. The first tears help keep the eyes healthy. That’s why shedding tears for some time daily is also good for the eyes because tears prove to be very useful for maintaining moisture in the eyes. Such tears do not come out of the eyes, that means there are no flowing tears.

any foreign matter
Tears also mean that some unwanted or unnecessary particles have entered the eye, such as dust or onion chemicals, in response to which the eye tries to expel them through tears. In such a situation, if the external elements remain in the eye for a long time, then the tears come out for a long time, due to which the eyes also appear red.

In today’s era of computers and mobiles, keeping the eyes moist is very useful for people in the problem of dry eyes. That is, even a little tear works to restore the moisture of the eyes, but it is not a solution to the problem, which can be brought to work with effort. And we are talking about those tears which are related to our emotional states.

lacrimal gland
For the proper functioning of the eye, special types of glands work in the eyes, which work to bring tears to the eyes when needed. Usually less than half a teaspoonful of tears a day is sufficient. It is water mixed with a little salt, along with some oil, mucus, and germ-killing chemicals.

tears, emotion and mind
Blinking of the eyes causes the tears to spread evenly throughout the eye and its mucus is used to keep the moisture in the eye from sticking. The rest of the tears go out through the nose. When someone cries, the tear fountain is triggered which takes signals directly from the part of our brain that controls emotions. In such a situation, half a cup of tears come out in a few minutes.

brain signal
It is also related to our nose because when more tears come, they start flowing through the nose in the form of water. These can be thought of as extra tears. Scientists believe that emotional tears and normal tears are different. That is, whenever a person is emotional, the emotion controlling part of the brain sends a message to activate the tear glands at the same time and tears start coming out.

It has been observed that the flow of tears also depends on the sensitivity of the people. This proves that tears have a deep connection with emotions. This is the reason that tears come quickly in the eyes of emotional people and sometimes tears stop flowing only after trying to control or change the emotions. This is the reason why babies cry quickly and fall silent quickly.

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