What is biocomputer, why is being told better than artificial intelligence, how will it work?


Science News Desk – Everyone must have seen in Hollywood science fiction movies that there is a robotic character who thinks like humans. Like a human being, feelings also develop in him. The main characters of Universal Soldier and Terminator are almost identical. When artificial intelligence developed, people felt that now such robots would come, who would behave like humans. Now scientists have made such a computer using human cells, knowing about which you will forget artificial intelligence.

During the last decade, scientists tried to make computers that work like human brain through artificial intelligence. Now scientists say that with the help of organoid intelligence, they have created such a computer, which will leave behind artificial intelligence. He claims that organoid intelligence will be many times better than artificial intelligence. Scientists have named the computer built using human brain cells as a biocomputer.

What is Organoid Intelligence, how will it work?
According to researchers at America’s John Hopkins University, organoid intelligence is a new field. At the same time, Artificial Intelligence is used in the device in a chip or any other way. At the same time, organoid intelligence is connected to the organs prepared in the lab. Actually, with the help of the tissue with the help of which scientists are making human brain cells in the lab, organoid intelligence will work only with the help of them. This organoid intelligence will be used in a biocomputer.

Biocomputer will work like human brain
Scientists working on the bio computer have claimed that it will work like a human brain. In such a situation, the biocomputer will not need human help to reach any kind of decision. According to Professor Thomas Hartung of John Hopkins University, associated with the International Research Day, organoid intelligence will be implemented with the help of the prepared program.

What is the difference between OI and AI?
Artificial intelligence calculates much faster than the human brain. However, AI needs the help of humans when it comes to making informed decisions. At the same time, Organoid Intelligence can work in a different and better way than AI. According to scientists, OI can take decisions after thinking like humans. For this reason, bio computers are being said to be much better than systems equipped with AI. Biocomputers will be able to make more accurate and logical decisions than systems equipped with AI.

Are miniature versions of the human brain being created?
Brain organoids are not actually miniature versions of the human brain, but neurons in pen dot-sized cell culture that are capable of acting like brains. In 2012, Dr. Thomas Hartung, professor of environmental health and engineering at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Whiting School of Engineering in Baltimore, began growing brain organs by replacing human skin samples.

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