What is the truth of the drug that makes ‘zombie’ in America, why is there panic because of it


Science News Desk – Science fiction stories are most liked in America (USA). Whenever a disease starts showing strange effects, it does not take long to create an atmosphere of fear and apprehension about it. This is usually due to the emotional behavior of human beings everywhere. Drugs on the streets of America are also a major problem in the streets of American cities, with overdose becoming a major problem. Now a new drug has created panic in America, due to which people’s skin has started rotting and people have started calling it zombie making drug.

what is this medicine
Actually this drug is a substance named Xylazine which is also known as Trank. Due to this, a scene like devastation is being seen in the big cities of America and the pictures on social media have created even more panic among the people. According to Time magazine, it has been learned that Xylazine has reached every city in the country.

drug-like effect
The use of this drug has started increasing rapidly in the streets of America, due to which people are seeing a rapid increase in skin infections and overdose cases. It has been told in the report that xylazine is a drug used to calm the animals. Whose excessive intake starts showing intoxicating effect like heroin.

very dangerous mix
Its spread across the country is becoming a major threat to public health. The extremely potent mixture mixed in it makes it more dangerous. Trank’s dose, according to Sky News, is a mix of the animal drug xylazine with fentanyl, the opioid that is killing America’s youth.

panic is spreading
Plus, it’s available on the street for only a few dollars per bag. Public health officials are in awe of the spread of its infection and the way it is causing such marks on people’s skin due to the use of this drug, which is spreading panic among the people and people have started calling it a corpse-making drug.

What is the effect of Xylazine
Many people suffering from the effects of this drug say that Trank is actually turning people’s bodies into zombies. To eliminate its effect, he has been wandering for treatment for many years. According to the New York Post, xylazine has a narcotic-like effect, making him very sleepy. Depression occurs, open sores appear, which later become severe and spread.

no special test
There is no special test for this in hospitals as this track is not a classified drug or narcotic. It is only used to calm the animals down and with only so much information it causes so much confusion. Apart from this, it becomes more dangerous when mixed with other medicines. Many experts say that an overdose of this drug in any form can be very dangerous and could lead to a “drug epidemic” if not stopped. can be made. According to the Times, according to the 2022 report, there have been cases in 36 states. This drug has been found only in 25 percent of New York City samples. Experts believe that people are unknowingly falling prey to its overdose along with other medicines.

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