When will you die? Everyone will be able to know the right time to die, doctor’s new discovery created panic


Science News Desk – Science has progressed so much that things which were unknown to us till yesterday can be known and understood today. Yet there are some things which are still considered to be the will of God. Things like the birth of a child and the death of a human being are considered to be in the hands of nature. Science has taken a lot under its control regarding the birth of a child, but death still happens by the will of God.

However, now a doctor has claimed that he can tell the exact time of death of a person. British doctor Seamus Coyle (Dr Séamus Coyle) had been doing research on cancer patients for the last several years and now he has reached such an invention, which will help to know the exact time of human death. The doctor claims that he has developed a model through which he can tell the exact time of death of patients suffering from cancer.

According to the report of the Daily Star, 53-year-old doctor Seamus Coyle, after his years of research, has been able to create a model through which the exact time of death of a cancer patient can be told. Now they are busy in developing the criterion, through which the family members will be able to know when they have to bid farewell to their loved ones while they are alive. Working as a consultant at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Dr Seamus is striving to help people understand the early signs of cancer.

Through this system, if the relatives of the patients get an idea of ​​the exact time of their death, then they will be able to be with them in their last moments. Dr. Sims says that research is being done on cancer for a long time, but till now no one could tell when the patient will die. The doctors had their own intention in this regard and many times the family members were not with the patient in the last moments. According to their report published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, the patient’s urine can tell the exact time of his death. After knowing this, the patients themselves will decide whether they would like to leave this world peacefully to their home or they will have to remain in the hospital.

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