Why do you suddenly feel electrocuted when someone touches you? This does not happen just like that, there is interesting science behind it too.


Science News Desk – There are some things in our daily life that we feel but never think seriously about. In the form of similar activities, you must have seen that sometimes if someone suddenly touches you while doing some work while sitting in the office or home, then it feels like electric current. Have you tried to find out why this happens?

Like every physical activity, there is a science behind it too. People often feel this shock more in the winter season. Sometimes it feels like the right current and sometimes it starts feeling like pricking a needle. Behind this there is a huge hand of electrical activity in our body, which happens all the time in the nerves of our body.

Why is electric current felt in the body?
This type of shock in the body is called static electricity. There is a simple science behind this. Actually an atom is made up of protons, electrons and neutrons. This is his balanced energy. If this balance is not there or if there are extra electrons in it, then the nuclear energy starts getting negatively charged. This loss of electron gives a sudden shock to our body. This is more in cold and dry weather as the moisture makes them less likely to charge.

How to stop these tremors?
Whenever we touch a metal door or car door, the extra electrons start leaving our body rapidly. Shocked by this. Apart from this, fibers like nylon and polyester also give electronic shocks. Baking soda helps reduce it. Apart from this, moisturization also reduces the chances of crust formation.

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