Why does a dead person float on water while a living person drowns, why does this happen


Science News Desk – Not now, but 02 years ago during the Corona period, we all must have read the news that people saw many dead bodies floating in the rivers of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. After this sensation spread. By the way, there are often reports of finding dead bodies floating in the water. These news are in their place but have you ever thought that what is such a thing that a living person drowns in water but the dead body floats on the water. You must have often seen if a person does not know how to swim. Even if he falls into the water, even after a million attempts, he cannot save himself from drowning, but a dead body floats on the water without any effort.

what does it have to do with density
Actually, the floating of an object on water depends on its density and the water displaced by that object. Objects of high density sink in water. When a man is alive, the density of the human body is greater than the density of water while drowning. During the process of human submersion, a lot of water gets filled in his lungs. This is the reason why they die. The point to be noted here is that as soon as a man dies, his body does not start moving upwards in the water, but goes down to the very bottom of the water as far as it can go.

so the object floats on the water
According to the principle of scientist Archimedes, an object sinks in water when it cannot displace water equal to its weight. If the weight of water displaced by that object is less, then the object floats in water.

what happens to the body after death
When a person dies, his body starts to swell in water due to the formation of gas inside him. Due to swelling, the volume of the body increases, which reduces the density of the body. In such a situation, the dead body floats on the water.

when the corpse begins to rot
You can also understand it in such a way that when a person dies, the body’s immune system stops working. The body starts rotting. The bacteria in the dead body start destroying its cells and tissues. Due to bacteria, various gases present inside the body like methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen etc. start to be generated and released into the body. Then starts swimming.

why do many things float on water
Usually we see many things floating in water. Along with wood, paper, leaves, ice is also such a thing that does not sink in water. The general rule is that heavy objects sink in water, while light objects float in water.

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