Why is there a need for proper planning in the development of AGI technology?


Science News Desk – Technology can be either a boon or a curse. It is the responsibility of us humans to ensure that it remains a boon for humanity and not a select few who make it a curse for the whole world. The continuous changes in technology are indicating that we need to be more aware and careful about them than before. In the world of technology, the most possibilities are told about Artificial Intelligence. But now more Artificial General Intelligence is going to be in limelight. Experts say that now the world has to prepare itself for this technology.

What is Artificial General Intelligence?
Artificial general intelligence is a special type of artificial intelligence system whose software has general human cognitive abilities that understand and make decisions according to the environment like humans. They have a higher general intelligence than humans. And their purpose is for the good of humanity.

expanding horizons
There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a very beneficial and promising technology for humanity and AGI is also going to play a huge role in taking humanity forward economically and in various other ways, thereby pushing the boundaries of possibilities. There will be huge changes. This will make it possible for technology to do things that were previously considered impossible for machines.

benefits as well as risks
But it is not that only benefits will come from this. Along with this, many serious risks like misuse, serious accidents, social disruption will also be seen as it happens with every new and good technology. And since the advantages of this technology are many and good then it is up to us to decide that there should be no harm in it. Those working on this technology say that its benefits, accessibility etc. should be shared more honestly with everyone.

technology should be inclusive
AGI will bring revolutionary changes for which we have to prepare. We have to create powerful mechanisms through which this technology can be implemented. Technology is moving at a fast pace but we have to imbibe it slowly which will help policy makers, people and institutions to understand the technology as well as adapt and grow.

need for continuous planning
It has to be kept in mind that continuous feedback, monitoring and continuous changes are made for betterment. Society will also face questions such as what to allow these systems to do, how to deal with prejudices, how to compensate for lost jobs, and so on. This will open up new areas and new dimensions and human systems will have to adapt accordingly. That means continuous planning is going to play a big role.

some responsibilities too
Along with making new technologies inclusive, it is also necessary to make policies and other mechanisms inclusive. It will be necessary to be careful while making the techniques useful for the society. At the same time, it will also be the responsibility of involving people in these techniques so that unnecessary apprehension or conflict situation does not arise. It also has to be kept in mind that how these mechanisms will be controlled, what will be its benefits.

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