Will Geography books be rewritten? Scientists discovered this new thing in the earth


Science News Desk – A team of researchers in Australia has discovered a new layer deep within the Earth’s inner core. Data collected from seismic waves caused by earthquakes has yielded new information from the deepest parts of Earth’s inner core, according to seismologists at The Australian National University (ANU). Researchers believe they have found evidence of a separate layer inside the Earth called the ‘innermost core’, which is a solid ‘ball of metal’. These layers enter the interior of the earth and pass through it.

Earlier it was believed that there are four distinct layers in the structure of the Earth, which are the crust, mantle, outer core and inner core, but the information received by the scientists at present confirms the fifth layer. Than-Son Phim, researcher at the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences, said the existence of an inner metallic core and innermost core within the inner core had been hypothesized about 20 years ago. Was. Now we have presented another piece of evidence to prove the hypothesis.

Scientists observed seismic cores that travel straight through Earth’s core and ‘spit’ out on the opposite side of the globe. From where the earthquake originated, these waves again return to the epicenter, which is also called the antipode. The ANU researchers are comparing the process to a ping pong ball. They say it’s like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth. By developing a technique to amplify the signals recorded by a densely populated seismograph network, we observed for the first time seismic waves that bounce back and forth five times the Earth’s diameter, Fimm said. Previous studies only documented an antipodal bounce.

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